Project Background

Watoto TusomeAbout 1 million school-aged going children in Kenya with up-to 30% living in Nairobi City are not in school. Although free Primary Education is now universal in Kenya, several challenges hinder children living within the informal settlements from accessing education.

The initial costs involved in enrolling children to school (cost of uniforms, admission fees, reading and writing materials) create a barrier to school enrolment since many parents and guardians live on less than 2USD a day.

Low levels of self-esteem and lack of life skills for personal development among the parents, teachers as well as the children, hinder school retention. In addition, most schools are not child friendly with some lacking basic facilities like toilets, water, desks amongst others utilities.


The project identified, enrolled and retained Out of School Children back to school funded by UNICEF from 2016 through 2018. LISP initiated a targeted back to school campaign in the non-formal settlements of Nairobi focusing on 37, 790 out of school children at the primary level.

Project Objectives

  1. To increase the demand by OOSC to attend school among communities in Nairobi Informal settlements
  2. To Increase school retention among 37,790 OOSC in Nairobi Informal settlements
  3. To increase quality of education for 37,790 OOSC in Nairobi Informal settlements
  4. To Increase gender equity in the provision of education for OOSC.