Lifeskills Promoters (LISP) has partnered with ChildFund Kenya and Childline Kenya to implement a project dubbed Safe CLICS funded by End Violence Against Children (EVAC).

The project is being implemented in Nairobi, Mombasa and one sub-county in Kiambu (Kikuyu) for a period of 3 years. The goal is to systematically strengthen Kenyan government agencies’ capacity to prevent and respond to Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA), improve children’s self-protection skills with the support of care givers and communities, strengthen public awareness on OCSEA and connections to reporting and referral services.

  1. Strengthen Kenya’s national infrastructure, focusing on social care capacity, to prevent and respond to online offending against children
  2. Improve early intervention to prevent victimization of children and victim support to assist in recovery
  3. Engage families and caregivers in preventing the sexual exploitation and abuse of children and responding to harmful or unwanted experiences online.

Lifeskills promoters focus is on the second objective which aims at improving early intervention to prevent victimization of children and victim support to assist in recovery. LISP will be able to achieve this objective by;

  • Building the capacity of teachers and school leadership to be able to identify and prevent OCSEA and be able to support victims of OCSEA through referrals.
  • Train and support peer educators to hold dialogue forums on OCSEA in schools
  • Strengthen OCSEA Survivor linkage to referral services
Our strategies to achieve project goal and objectives includes:
  • Project consultations and sensitizations with Relevant Government ministries and likeminded stake holders
  • Capacity enhancement of teachers, BOMs on OCSEA
  • Peer education on OCSEA in target schools
  • Peer to peer dialogues in target schools