A major problem that was noted among the young people is that they lack the required skills and attitude for employability and creatively starting up personal enterprises Hence KYEOP comes in to bridge the gap and ensure the youth get the required skills and experience for the job market. The Life Skills Training (LST) is critical in imparting the right attitude and skills needed by the youth, it becomes pace setter and prepares the interns to go through the project with resilience despite the challenges that they may face.

LifeSkills Promoters is contracted by the ministry to conduct the LST training for ten days in various counties. The training equips the youth beneficiaries with adaptive and positive behaviour that enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.  The training is  learner oriented which gives the trainees the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from one another in a friendly environment. The training is very transformational and imparts the beneficiaries with skills to face life in all aspects of their lives.


Youth participating in KYEOP Training. LISP offer a 10 day Life Skills Training across various counties.

The training objectives were:

  1. Appreciate the role of personal life values and norms in enhancing productivity and appreciation in the workplace.
  2. Demonstrate improved personal management including social assets for resilience and personal development
  3. Exhibit enhanced communication and interpersonal skills for better relationships.
  4. Show capacity to access and retain employment or enterprise development.
  5. Demonstrate greater social concern and responsible citizenship in the society