Lifeskills Promoters (LISP) is not-for-profit National Development Organization that has been empowering and building the capacity of young people through life skills since 1999. Our mission is to empower the young people holistically using appropriate life skills-based interventions. LISP is the pioneer of introduction of life skills programs within the education curriculum through our collaboration with the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and the Ministry of Education. Our strength-based approach to programs and the integration of life skills and social asset-building strategies improve outcomes for individuals and families targeted by our interventions in Kenya.

We have categorized our programs and interventions under four pillars: Education, Health & Environment, Socioeconomic Empowerment, and Institutional Capacity Building.

Our Program Pillars

The Education pillar focuses on improving access to quality education for children and youth by working with schools, communities, and the government to address the barriers that hinder access to education. Our interventions include Psychosocial support to learners, teacher training, curriculum development, and school infrastructure improvement programs.

Our Health & Environment pillar seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of children and youth by empowering them with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their health. Our interventions include health education, hygiene promotion, animal health, and environmental conservation programs.

Our Socioeconomic Empowerment pillar seeks to improve the socioeconomic status of children and youth by equipping them with life skills and entrepreneurship skills. We provide mentorship, coaching, and training on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, Household Economic strengthening, and vocational skills development.

Our Institutional Capacity Building pillar focuses on strengthening the capacity of institutions, including government departments, NGOs, and community-based organizations, to deliver effective programs and interventions that benefit children and youth.

Our Partners