Lifeskills Promoters (LISP) is a Kenyan-based organization that has been empowering children and youth through the provision of appropriate life skills interventions since 1999. Over the years, LISP has partnered with schools, religious institutions, community groups, and government departments to equip thousands of young people with skills for life and lobby for the creation of facilitative policies and legislations for youth empowerment.

In addition to working with children and youth, LISP has expanded her programs to focus on community health, education, socioeconomic development, and institutional systems strengthening. One of LISP’s successes is using life skills and social asset building applications to improve outcomes in education, health and environment, socioeconomic strengthening, and systems strengthening.

As pioneers in introducing life skills concept within the Kenyan education and employment sectors, LISP has developed various curriculum for different groups targeting children and youth ages 10-35. LISP’s efforts in empowering the youth holistically have contributed to the organization’s growth and impact across multiple sectors in Kenya.

LISP has implemented programs in over 40 counties in Kenya, including in the northern arid and semi-arid regions, and has also worked with urban informal settlements. LISP’s programs are evidence-based, and the organization promotes diversity and inclusion of all genders, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. LISP is committed to the inclusion of children and youth with disabilities and is continually seeking partnerships with organizations aligned to its mission of improving the well-being of children and youth.


Develop and empowered young people who are able to make responsible and informned decisions in life.


LISP exists to transform individuals and their influencers through life skills-based training interventions.

Core Values

Our core values are integrity, Compassion, Respect, Responsibility, Commitment, and Empoweremnet




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