The Boy Who Took Initiative

Wama primary school is a nonformal school located in the heart of Dandora slum in Nairobi County. This among others is a school that has ripped great benefits through training courtesy of Lifeskills Promoters in conjunction with GOAL Kenya.

A 14-year-old class seven(7) boy name withheld was challenged by one of the facilitators and had no reasonable doubt that his dream to establish health club has finally arrived.  The facilitator was speaking on self-awareness and self-esteem which resuscitated the boys’ energy to drive forth his passion.

He went to the school director, Madam Jane who felt challenged to give an opportunity to the lad to establish the club. The director saw this as the surest way to strengthen the cord that connects the children and the management of the school.

He was all smiles narrating how his idea was gladly accepted by the school director.

He mobilized other pupils who accepted to join the health club unquestionably and he was sure that there was no obstacle that could dilute his passion.

Health club deals with motivating pupils in the school on day-day challenges bearing in mind the hardships encountered by pupils in slums. Some of these challenges include; extreme poverty, child neglect, hunger among others.

The boy told the Lifeskills staff that he would like to be a neurosurgeon when he grows up.

From Lifeskills, the boy deserves a pat on the shoulder.