Stanley Ochieng

A Std 8 boy who is 13-years-old who comes from a single parent family.  His mother became the sole bread winner since his father died years ago.  Since he is the first born, Stanley was forced to skip school to go and do side jobs so that he can provide for his mother and siblings.

He is a Lifeskills club member and a peer educator.   From the knowledge he received after attending one of the peer educators training organized by Life skills Promoters in 2015, he was able to accept his life and the challenges that he faces.He also asserted to the fact that teaching and encouraging other pupils in the school has been a very fulfilling experience.

On weekends, he plays football so that his coach can pay his school fees since he is on his team.  Due to the support of his coach and life skills teacher, he doesn’t skip school often.  In addition, his performance and self-esteem have greatly improved.  He hopes to be a great footballer in future and would like to thank Life skills Promoters for their support.

Responsible boy