Naveen Adika

A class three teacher as well as the Lifeskills teacher in the school, took an interest in Seth and supervised his reading culture closely. He made sure that Seth was actively reading in class each time that other children were doing so. As a result, Seth’s passion for reading progressively improved resulting in him creating a custom of reading. His teachers would often test his gains by asking him to read more often during the class period.

This year has been Seth’s turning point as he now voluntarily takes part in reading and shares freely in class. He has taken up the role of organizing reading activities and is constantly reminding teachers and pupils about reading time. “I am now happy and I always read with my friends during reading time and I love school. My results are good and I like exams,” said Seth.

When asked to comment more about Seth’s performance, his class teacher said, “Seth no longer fears learning and his confidence has significantly increased. The essence of learning is not making those who are bright brighter but giving a chance to those who struggle with learning. Here at our school we have slotted time for pupils to read and it is working magic, Seth being one of many cases. I would urge more schools to embrace this idea and watch children perform even better in their education. I am grateful to Lifeskills and its staff for initiating the project in our school and for providing story books despite the fact that we did not have a library,” she concluded.  She added that she recently had a discussion with Seth’s mother who expressed her excitement of his improvement and noticed his zeal for reading as he now carries story books home to read.

The management of the school is thrilled with the impact of the reading club project and Madam Noreen Ijai, the school director echoed the following sentiments, “I am so grateful for the books that were given to my school and as you can see my office acts as a library, which also helps me safeguard the books. The reading culture at Raising Star Academy has greatly grown and we are making plans for constructing a library for the children but in the meantime, the reading will continue as is so as to help many Seths in the school. I want to use this opportunity to thank Lifeskills for the frequent support they have shown to my school.” she concluded.

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