Millyjoy’s Success Story 

For a long time, Kahuruko Bar and Restaurant had been a great source of discontent for the entire fraternity of Millyjoy’s School in Dandora.  The bar’s close proximity to the school is a cause of major consternation to the pupils and teachers walking to school.

For starters, the blaring music and noise from the establishment greatly hampered learning activities in the little school even in the morning sessions when concentration levels are optimal.  Drunkards from the bar could be seen more often harassing school going children and other road users.  The neighborhood was also rife with parents who were not keen on taking their children to school.  As a result, enrollment in the school was low.

“It was a really trying time period for our school” Mildred the head teacher asserts.  Parents were not taking their children to school and something had to be done.  The school had rallied several parents whom she knew and held a meeting with them.  Using the life skills experience, she talked sense to the drunken parents and persuaded them to rally others to take better care of their children.  She cites a good example of a certain Mr. Maina wa Mwangi who was notorious for banging the school gate in the morning.  He currently has two of his children enrolled into the school and personally sees to it that they attend school regularly.

Mildred now attributes the increased enrollment to her school to the experiences with the drunken parents.  She handles all life skills activities in the school and attributes her good judgment to the life skills training she attended.