Imani School 

The year 2015, shall forever be lodged in the minds of Imani school’s Victor Wanjala and Doreen Wekesa.  Needless to say, they will not be forgetting their experiences in any near future.  All their woes began with the transfer of their parents to Nairobi in search of greener pastures for their family.  As much as their folks were super excited to travel to the big city, these two were quite apprehensive about their prospects in the urban setting.  Traveling had always spelled doom for them because every time their parents moved, they had to repeat a class.  Victor was already feeling he was too old for primary school level of education and his physique was too intimidating for his classmates.  Doreen has always been reluctant to make friends because of her big size.

As the two settled in Nairobi, Imani school was identified to be their preferred learning center and they began school.  According to the head teacher, Everlyne Alusa, she could instantly detect behavioral disturbances among the two pupils immediately they joined the class.

Their self-esteem was very low.  They rarely interacted with class mates, they were uncomfortable during games time and were really silent.  In fact, they rarely spoke to other classmates. The change in environment was greatly affecting the pupils.  Nairobi children also made fun of them often inhospitable.   After noting this, teacher Evelyn who is a trained life skills teacher enrolled the two students to the peer educators club where she instructed the club leaders to incorporate them in their dialogue groups.  She also took the initiative of taking them through counseling session, with the help of the other school life skills teachers.  Their progress made an instant turn over.  “The pupils are now fully accustomed to the Nairobi environment and have improved their self-esteem to impressive levels.  The head teacher further attests an improvement in their test scores, from getting an average of 110 marks to 280 marks for Victor and from 190 marks to over 250 marks for Doreen.  The two have accepted their situation and have greatly integrated themselves with the life skills activities in the school.  I thank God that I have an active life skills club in my school.  Teacher Evelyn would wish that Life skills Promoters spreads its programs to the entire of Korogocho so as to make a bigger impact in the area.